Best gel polishes 2020

Regular nail polish – no longer an alternative – will peel off quickly. There is no opportunity to rush to the ace for adjustment at regular intervals either. There is best one answer: purchase the whole thing you want and do a nail cutting at domestic yourself. And so as not to move broke shopping for gel varnishes, you can take them on Ali. Gels are reasonably-priced there, and our review will assist you now not to miss the selection of superb coating.

Here you will get 2020 top Best gel polishes on AliExpress

Hope this list will help you to find the best one for you.

MIZHSE UV Poly Gel – self-levelling acrylate

Another polygel, this time in more convenient packaging – a jar with an extensive neck. So you may repair a damaged nail cropping, building up or just improve your nails, getting a strong but flexible coating. That’s just the volume of the jars is small (15 ml) – it’ll not closing long.


Does now not keep on with the comb;
There is a small impact of self-levelling, which for the sort of dense composition is a massive plus;
Easy to finish with a file and buff;
Excellent wear – nails do not exfoliate and do not crack for at the least a month;
Quickly polymerizes even underneath low UV;
Do now not bake.

A terrible preference of colours – normally light and herbal tones in the amount of 12 desktops.

ROSALIND – for lovers of variety

A full-size own family of gel varnishes with different outcomes (glints, cat’s eye, thermo) is also to be had in numerous packaging options: merchandise can be bought in 7 or 10 ml vials.

Also, in the manufacturer’s lineup, there is a base and top which are compulsory in this case, but it is better to select a special logo – especially these compounds often turn out to be useless.


An insane amount of sun shades, that’s why the producer even needed to divide them into collection (pastel, classic, mom of pearl, and so forth.);
The varnish is suitable for LED and ultraviolet lamps;
It is nicely allotted at the nail, no longer flowing below the skin;
It is without problems removed if important, even though it keeps nicely during socks and does no longer chip alongside the threshold;
Dense, plastic brush of small thickness;
Very low price – on Ali, these varnishes can be bought for 70 rubles.

Despite the thick consistency, you want to apply the coating in three thin layers in order that it becomes homogeneous.

LADYMISTY Poly Gel – acrylate gel for repair and extension

One of the most famous nail products on Ali isn’t always gel polish within the truest experience of the phrase. This is a polygel that has the houses of each a UV curable coating and stronger acrylic. The composition is sold in tubes of 30 or 60 ml and is to be had in three dozens of different shades.


It is polymerized each beneath UF, and beneath LED;
It freezes very quickly beneath the lamp (even at low power it lasts 20-30 seconds);
Creates a long lasting and weary coating on the nails that don’t lose flexibility;
Suitable for constructing period or even surround decor;
Tolerant scent;
A brush for application is typically included.

Unlike a “every day” gel, its poly-amendment does not spread, and the nail floor will be modified with a nail file or a milling cutter.

CANNI VenaLisa – bright gel nail polishes for nail artwork

The manufacturers Canni and Venalisa are often shared, despite the fact that they have got one producer, the layout of the bottles is likewise now not very distinctive – in addition to the composition of the gels. Varnishes are offered in regular 7.5 ml vials with a brush or in five ml wide-necked jars.

The first ones are offered on Ali in dozens of all forms of hues, plus base and topcoat. And the brand new series of miniatures offers as many as 180 natural shades, perfect for design work of art.


A massive selection of saturated colours – matte, glossy, with flickers and effects like “cat’s eye”;
Spreading – one or two layers are enough to get the favored colour (if it isn’t always a light varnish);
The gel is nicely disbursed on the nail plate, independently spreading in a good layer without bald spots;
Wear 2-three weeks;
You can use both UV and LED lamps;
Completely bearable scent;
Great bubble brush.

Due to the thick consistency, it takes a bit longer to hold the nails underneath the lamp (specially beneath ultraviolet mild);
Light tones must be implemented in a thicker layer so that they do not shine through.


SAVILAND 3-In-1 Gel Pen – in felt-tip pen layout

A very unusual model of packaging gel polish, permitting you to do a nail filing literally in your knee.

The coating is squeezed out of the tube-cope with immediately onto the applicator brush the usage of a rotary mechanism and is without delay allotted over the surface of the nail. If you adapt, the entirety will become completed quickly and as it should be.


It does no longer require either a base or topcoat, despite the fact that with them the resistance of the nail clipping could be better;
Does not shape a sticky layer after drying;
Convenient brush applicator;
The liquid texture is without problems unfold over the nail, however, due to this, it’ll be necessary to apply the varnish in several layers.

Small extent – in each “felt-tip pen” most effective five ml of gel;
Not the richest choice of vegetation – best 24.

Elite99 – Sea of ​​Special Effects

This producer has a myriad of “just” gel polishes of all colourings and sunshades, and you couldn’t matter the options with special effects. The maximum famous: metal, platinum and three-D-chameleon, “cheese” varnishes with large glitter, warmth-touchy and neon coatings.

They are sold in bottles of various volumes: 7, 8, 10 and 12 ml, which permits you to pick the precise choice for enthusiasts of a selected shade palette, and enthusiasts of experiments.


The biggest choice of colours and sun shades – if you don’t find any alternative from your favourite producers, Elite99 simply has one;
The gel polymerizes below UV and LED, and behaves equally well underneath lamps of any power;
The ideal consistency, way to which the varnish lays down without any troubles and does not leak beneath the skin;
Excellent durability – no longer less than 2 weeks;
Self-levelling texture;
A gentle composition that does not cause allergic reactions, even on touchy nails.

Many shades aren’t pigmented sufficient and require the utility of a big range of layers or a suitable substrate.

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